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Finding the best cable box package, especially if you live in a somewhat rural area can be a real pain, but did you know that DIRECTV services are available almost everywhere? Cable companies do not provide services everywhere, but you can get satellite usually no matter where your home or business is located.

Unlike companies that provide Cable Box Packages via using radio or light pulses through cables or fiber optic wires, DIRECTV Satellite internet as well as DIRECTV cable television, is almost always available regardless of where you live since the signal is sent to communication satellites orbiting the earth and get sent directly to the dish installed either on your roof or in your yard.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of being able to get satellite internet and cable television channels. Satellite services offer things companies who use cable cannot. Things like east and west coast feeds, alternate sports programing like Fox Sports or ESPN, as well as free international programs that are picked up by the satellite dish.

For people like my son who are very into the NFL, DIRECTV services offer the NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra charge along with a free genie (DIRECTV cable box) HD/DVR upgrade. So now he can watch every game every Sunday, and watch up to eight NFL games at the same time live and in HD, which makes him quite happy I might add.

The DIRECT cable box is leaner and more compact and takes up less space than your typical cable company’s box. It was one of the first things we noticed when we switched to the DIRECTV box.

Dish Network satellite internet is a more dependable means to get internet services no matter where you might live. In fact satellite services have been steadily becoming the preferred option over the last several years while cable internet and television companies have been steadily declining.

DIRECTV satellite internet offers up to 75Mbps along with that all important ‘on the go’ admission to the all-inclusive national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network, and the best part is – there is no additional charge!

The DIRECTV box just got better. They recently introduced their Genie Mini, a leaner more powerful piece of equipment that removes all those bulky boxes and wires, getting rid of cluttered mess that once was part of having a DIRECTV cable box.

We’re very satisfied with our DIRECTV services, and trust me when I say, we have tried several other companies over the years, including those ‘regular’ cable’ companies. Along with providing the best customer service, the cost for DIRECTV’s basic beginning package is what YOU are probably paying for that other company’s Premium cable box package. In other words you’re getting less for spending more. Now that doesn’t sound like a good deal does it?