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The Major Advantages Of Cable Internet


There are several options for the provision of internet but Cable Internet is about the best option. Although there a few other options that are a little faster than cable internet but they are relatively more expensive. Hence, cable internet strikes the best balance between high internet speed and affordability/low cost.

Cable internet offers internet speed up to 15mbps(megabits per second). It has been established that Cable internet is four times as fast as satellite internet and twice as fast as DSL. Its use of a coaxial cable for internet connection is aid to be the major reason for the impressive speed.

In the simplest form, Cable Internet is the use Cable modem for internet connection designed to be distributed over Cable TV lines. It makes use of TV channel spaces for transmission of data. Some channels are used for upstream transmission while others are used for downstream transmission. Cable internet is very fast because it works on coaxial cable that has relatively larger bandwidth.

A lot of internet providing companies are cashing in on the fact that several millions of homes have already been provisioned for cable TV. That is why some companies offer data plans that comprise of both internet and cable TV subscriptions.

Apart from the major benefits of Cable internet mentioned above, the other smaller benefits are:

Even though cable internet has all the advantages mentioned above, you can only get the best of cable internet if you get it from a reliable and experienced internet service provider that has been tested and trusted. A very reliable source of broadband internet is Earthlink Cable Internet.

Earthlink internet is one of the best because of the following added advantages. All Earthlink plans give you instant high speed all the time. You will never experience busy signal anytime. Earthlink services include protection of their subscribers from all types of viruses, malwares and Trojan horses. Not only that, as an earthlink cable subscriber, you will also be protected from all phishing and all other forms of hacking activities.

When you subscribe to their high speed internet , your chances of experiencing hitches are very small. Nevertheless, Earthlink cable internet experts are always available and accessible to you 24 hours a day. They are always eager to assist you to resolve your issues as quickly as possible within the shortest possible time.