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Optimum Advantages In Cable Packages And Plans


When you are shopping for cable packages and phones services you owe it to yourself and to your budget to take a look at Optimum internet plans.

Optimum internet plans can include Optimum cable packages, Optimum phone service, Optimum cable internet, and Optimum internet or your selection of one or more of the services.

Optimum internet offers a variety of plans that are tailored to user satisfaction. Naturally, speed is important and you would expect more services as well as a little higher cost for higher speeds. The Optimum cable internet plans offer 15, 50, and 101 megabytes per second download speeds and provide 5, 25, and 35 megabytes per second upload speeds.

The idea is that you pick what is right for you with Optimum cable packages. Gamers need the fastest download and upload speeds. People that post a lot of photos to social media want a fast upload speed. If you want your digital device to be your television you need the faster speeds.

Optimum cable packages range from $39.95 per month to $99.99 per month with an intermediate price of $44.90 per month. All packages include security protection from McAfee and free email. The email is truly free according to independent reviews that counted the number of emails per user.

The 50 megabyte per second and 101 megabyte per second versions are specifically designed for the home based business owner and the brick and mortar business owner. Additional features include the ability to build a web site that is tailored to your business with Sitebuilder. You get all of the tools you need to open and run an internet shop without spending a fortune for a nerd to do it for you.

Business owners get 12 gigabytes of hosted space that are included in the monthly cost. Sending huge data files is no problem with email that handles 100 megabyte attachments per email. The security features allow the parent to select what their children are exposed to and help business owners keep their data safe and their web site free from viruses.

Wi-Fi is always accessible because Optimum phone service has more than a million hot spots located all across the northeastern United States. You stay connected with any digital device you choose and speeds do not change if you add devices.

All Optimum internet plans include Netflix at no additional charge so you can watch whatever your favorite may be anywhere you are at any time you want. The systems are all compatible with all of the Windows and Mac operating systems that are presently considered to be current.

This is one of the easiest installations you will ever experience. All you do is connect to the phone line and click twice and your Optimum phone service and Optimum cable internet is set up for you. Naturally, customization is easy and understandable even to the least internet friendly folk.

Price, customization, ease of installation, high speeds, award winning service, and plenty of perks make Optimum internet plans a top contender for the savvy internet service shopper.