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You realize your internet cable company once again has raise their rates! The hunt for a new provider with the best cable packages and phone services is on. You need sudden internet, sudden phone and a company that can give you sudden cable packages to choose from. You want services from a company who isn’t constantly raising your rates and gives you 24/7 excellent customer service consistently.

The need is immediate because the new higher rate your current company just informed you of are beyond what you are willing to pay, especially with the decline in personalized customer service you’ve been receiving lately. No, you’re not going to take it any longer!

The search for Internet Cable and Phone doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating. I’ve discovered an option recently and so far, my family and I am quite pleased with what an amazing choice we made.

According to PC Magazine’s 2014 Readers Choice Awards, (and me of course) Suddenlink Communications, might just be the provider you’re searching for. It received high ratings for internet speeds, reliability and overall subscriber satisfaction. Sudden cable packages have something to meet every budget, along with offering high internet speeds up to 10 times faster than DSL.

Being the ninth largest provider for cable broadband services, based on coverage areas, they are available to close to 5.7 million subscribers in 16 states, including Oklahoma, Texas, California, New Mexico, Missouri and more. In fact their corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

They offer 107mbps with their sudden internet plans along with giving you the ability to watch your favorite movies or television shows on the go for FREE with your subscription. Having over 400,000 clips, movies and television shows to watch, anywhere anytime on your computer is heavenly. With choices for entertainment from over 50 of the major networks, including cable networks like FOX, CNN, HBO and others you’ll never have to worry about being bored again!

Who doesn’t like having the ability to catch up on that favorite television show episodes regardless where you are? Being an avid ‘House of Cards’ fan myself, I love the ability to remain up to date or get caught up no matter where I might be at the time. Netflix in fact has given Sudden internet high ratings for providing smooth seamless streaming even during high peak prime-time viewing. A match made in heaven for me personally.

Sudden internet plans through Suddenlink can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget. It gives you the ability to pick personal internet speed needed whether it’s the highest available needed for gaming, sending and receiving large files through email or a lower speeds simply needed for surfing the net out of boredom. You now have options to personalize your internet speeds to meet your needs and budget.