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If you want a fast, efficient Internet service then you need TDS Internet and Home Phone Services. W are known throughout the United States for being fast and reliable and we won’t let you down.

Whether you need a home or business service our affordable TDS Internet plans cannot be beaten.

With TDS you get the best service at the highest possible speeds and the best prices. We are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supplying broadband services to the people of America. Did you know we serve over 32 states? That is the great thing about TDS Internet Phone and cable it is far reaching. TDS Cable can be supplied almost anywhere. Wherever you are Cable Internet is a possibility.

TDS Cable is faster than DSL. When you are using the Internet you will know that speed is everything. No more waiting forever for things to download and it all comes, at a brilliant price with TDS Internet plans. You need cable. It is the best choice for Phone Internet.

Did you know that cable is also cheaper than fiber optic and easily installed because it works via your phone or television cable? It is also the most reliable. With an TDS Internet phone connection you are linked the Internet whenever your computer is on and you don’t have to wait for a modem to dial up a connection, and cable is fast, really fast. That means less chance of losing valuable work and because Cable Internet works at a whopping 64-256 kbps and downloading is fast at 128-1 Mbps you will find playing games, downloading music and all your favorite on-line activities become an uninterrupted pleasure. No more waiting forever to download or losing connection in the middle of a game.

That’s the pleasure of Cable Internet. May we say it again? Fast, efficient, affordable, easily installed and reliable. Words you can associate with TDS. Words you need to hear when you think of a Broadband service. We are a service that won’t let you down. If you think of efficiency, think TDS. TDS provides the service to fit your lifestyle whatever it is and however it changes. That’s what you need when you’re looking for an Internet provider.

TDS Internet is easily installed. We use your existing phone line. Cable Internet won’t tie up your phone, so you can still make and receive calls whenever you want. You won’t need a second phone line just so you can use your computer at the same time.

TDS Internet and Home Phone Services are the best. We look forward to your custom, confident that once you tried us you will not want to use any other provider ever again.