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The Internet Deals And Plans From Verizon


You have probably seen the Verizon internet deals and Verizon cable ads on the television or on the internet and thought to yourself that it just cannot be that easy, low priced, or fast. Well, think again. Verizon deals and Verizon internet as well as their phone services truly do live up to the ads based on user reports that are not paid for by Verizon.

Verizon Internet deals run from 25 megabytes per second download and upload speeds to a whopping 500 megabytes per second upload and download speeds. The difference in performance that speed gives you can be calculated by the difference of one minute to download a ten minute movie versus almost 17 minutes to download the same movie at the lowest rate of speed.

The lowest priced plan lets you have 25 megabytes of speed per second, three email accounts, and can accommodate up to three different devices for $19.99 per month. There is no difference in cost per month for higher speeds. They all cost the same $29.99 per month. The fastest speed can accommodate up to 10 different devices and is completely Wi-Fi compatible with all the present operating systems.

Even the lowest priced Verizon Internet allows you to run two movies or television shows simultaneously from the huge libraries of live and canned movies and television from Live and On Demand. You get the same selection of broadcast video that you do with Verizon cable.

Verizon deals provide a menu of security options that are tailored to any digital device that you prefer. The security suite is specifically tailored to devices, child protection, and keeping your personal info safe. You can include high speed Internet, home phone, wireless phones, Direct TV, and cloud storage for minimal increases in costs.

Verizon offers one of the best internal wiring protection plans in the business. This feature is basically device protection that prevents you from paying any fees for a service call if you need a new remote or a modem dies on you. The response time is fast and the technicians are knowledgeable.

Verizon deals let you build what you want. This is one of the few companies that let you pick as few or as many of their products as you want and that does not force you to take on extras that you really do not want or need.

Verizon deals absolutely live up to their advertising claims. The company has been recognized by users as the best in the business for nine years running and has won awards from international surveys of phone and internet service. Speed, choice, service, selection, a 99 percent reliability of service, and price make Verizon deals a top contender in phone and internet service.