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Bright House Features
  • No price hikes - Flexible Contract
  • Activation Charges Applied
  • Free and easy set-up wireless router
  • Truly unlimited broadband usage.
  • And more
  • Internet 44.99
  • Internet + Phone 54.98
  • Internet + TV 89.98
  • Internet + TV + Phone 99.97
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Wanna Save On Your Home Phone Service? Check It Out!

Please do not tell us you are paying a ridiculously large amount of money for you home phone service bill?  It is completely unnecessary in this day and age! Would you believe us if we told you that you don’t have to pay more than $15/mo and in most cases much less? We here at Best Cheap Internet know how much you love your home phone service. Because of its reliability even when all else fails in a storm or power outage.  We could not agree more. However, with Bright House phone, you can witness an incredible change from what you thought was an inevitable charge.

Bright House internet provides easy and comfortable communication by providing dependable expertise to wireless and internet home phone service. This ain’t your grandma’s telephone service! Shut off your old-fashioned Alexander Graham Bell type of switch and phones to a more dependable internet and wireless connection. Also able to keep them functioning for a longer period of time even when the power is out. It’s like magic! Okay, well, just technology. But Alexander Graham Bell would think it was magic.

With Bright House phone you never again will need to shell out your hard-earned cash towards expensive phone bills! Our specialties lie in providing a highly rated internet phone service you will soon see that our services work flawlessly. Bright House internet will also provide your home with a zippy high-speed internet connection.

Our cable phone number and internet services are reliable, efficient and highly affordable. Choosing Bright House packages helps you gain a financial edge while helping you acquire unrivaled internet service. We offer affordable internet bundle packages that come along with the best high speed internet access you could ever imagine. Seriously.

Choose best house cable or partner with us to wire your house and provide you with the best in internet speed today. Do not hesitate!  Make use of this uncommon packaged services from Bright House which you cannot compare with any other service provider.

With Bright House cable, you can even engage in long distance and unlimited local calling. As for reliability, leave it for Bright House cable, because you will not experience not hiccup not even for a minute!

All you have to do is to install home phone device into the wall and run a quick setup on the computer. Within a minute you will get your dial tone. Support team will even help you to port over your existing number.  As soon as this is done, your device which is not in any way internet dependent will be up and running.

Why not give experience Bright house best internet today. Give us a try and get convinced with our services and enjoy the comfort and credibility that comes with Bright house best

Bright House Fun Facts:

This internet, TV, and phone service provider was founded in 2003 and has become the 6th largest cable internet provider. And the 10th largest TV provider in the United States. In addition to TV, phone, and internet, they also provide home security and VoIP services to residential customers and businesses. To boast, they own two local news organizations in Florida, one in Tampa Bay and one in Orlando.  Bright House Networks operates in five different states. In Florida, you can find that Bright House offers their fiber-optic internet service in certain locations. A great part about Bright House is that you do not have to sign any long-term contracts. Every customer has access to 24/7 customer support. No needing to wait until Monday to get your crucial internet working again!

Let’s talk logistics!

  • Bright House offers packages starting at $44.99 a month
  • Cable delivers their cable internet connection at high speeds up to 60Mbps without experiencing major lag time
  • Connection is provided from your existing cable line and then connected to your modem
  • Customers have access to over 500,000 Wifi hotspots across the US
  • Plans do not have data caps, which means no extra data fees
  • HDTV Boxes cost $5.99/mo per box, but come with DVR capability at no extra cost
  • TV packages with Bright House include HD programming for no additional fee
  • While Bright House primarily services Florida, they also serve California, Alabama, Birmingham, Michigan, and Indiana
  • In 2016, Bright House official merged with Charter Communications under the new name Spectrum
  • In terms of availability to customers, Bright House is ranked #25 of the largest providers in the United States