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Charter Internet Cable Features
  • No price hikes - Flexible Contract
  • Activation Charges Applied
  • Easy set-up wireless router
  • Truly unlimited broadband usage.
  • And More
  • Internet $44
  • Internet + Phone $54.98
  • Internet + TV $89.98
  • Internet + TV + Phone $99.97
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Finding the right match of internet services for all your and your family’s different and competing needs is very important in this day and age. There are so many different providers offering different bundles, plans, and packages, it’s hard to know where to start when trying to decide which one is the best for you. You definitely have to consider all the different types of projects and uses you partake in on all of your devices as well as those of your family’s before settling on a provider and a perfect package deal.

Luckily, with Charter internet packages you will get the high speed that you need for doing all the kinds of activities that you love on the internet. Charter internet plans have broadband internet with speeds starting at 100 mbps which is so much faster than DSL. Only with Charter internet deals you get some of the fastest speeds available on the market today!

If you have the needs of a home business or just want to be able to download songs in the matter of seconds then you will do good by choosing one of many different Charter internet plans. Having this high speed broadband internet will handle all your uploading and downloading needs in a jiffy. You can rely on getting all your work and play done from anywhere in the house with the same strength and signal. If your family has to contend with each other to accomplish their internet goals then this is the answer and there are plenty of Charter internet deals available for you to choose from.

There are so many deals online but you will not find anything like the Charter internet packages that have been put together especially with their customers in mind.  Besides internet, they also offer cable and phone services. Charter internet cable offers the best picture available with HD channels and an easy to use DVR. With Charter internet cable they will even help you buy out your old TV service, freeing you from this burden. The DVR service is free and the TV service starts at around thirty dollars. There are a lot of internet plans and deals on the market today but you won’t find a faster internet speed combined with phone and TV.

Charter offers many different TV deals. When combined with other services, these deals are truly economical and will help your family living within your budget. The Charter Spectrum Triple Play gives you the choice of how many channels to watch and they start at around thirty dollars. With this kind of TV service you can watch it anywhere and everywhere on your mobile device.

If you shop online for internet plans and deals be sure to check the company’s internet speed and what services you can combine to lower the monthly bill in the household. Charter internet phone connection offers a reliable voice connection for unlimited calling for under thirty dollars a month. There are plenty of internet plans and deals out there but make sure you are getting everything you need for the price stated and check for hidden fees. Make sure to check how long these special internet plans and deals last so that you aren’t surprised come billtime!

With Charter, you can find:

  • Charter internet plans have broadband internet with speeds starting at 100 mbps
  • Offers internet, cable, and phone services
  • They will help you get out of your old internet, TV, or phone service contract up to $500 in order to switch to Charter
  • The DVR service is free
  • TV service starts at around $30/mo
  • Charter Spectrum Triple Play starts at around $30/mo
  • Charter Internet Phone Connection offers unlimited calling for under $30/mo

Why choose Charter?

With Charter, also known as Spectrum, there are no contracts. So you can cancel anytime, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. There’s no harm in trying them out and seeing if they match your needs.


  • FREE HD and 200+ channels available
  • FREE Primetime On Demand with Thousands of On Demand choices
  • Download the Spectrum TV App and watch on your devices
  • Take TV on-the-go


  • Fastest Internet speeds available, starting at 100 Mbps
  • Enough bandwidth for all your devices
  • No data caps and a FREE modem
  • Get free, unlimited access to a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots in places you shop, dine and travel.


  • Reliable home phone service, no dropped calls
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., to Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and more
  • Up to 28 popular phone calling features
  • No added fees like the phone company
  • Free Voicemail, Call Blocking, Caller ID, and more

Don’t delay. Call today to find out more about Charter’s awesome deals and prices. So you and your family can use the internet, TV, or phone worry-free!