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How To Decide On The Right Cox Internet Packages

Imagine having the best and the fastest internet at your home and on your mobile devices. We live in an era where imagining such things is not that big of an issue. Because of the ever changing technologies, we are left with hard choices. Choices regarding choosing the best internet packages and plans is something that worries us the most these days. If you have been having trouble with your internet package provider. Then maybe it is time to for a change that would most likely be your last switch and that switch should be to Cox internet.

Cox Communications is an American privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Now that not only sounds reliable but big as well. But that is not all that Cox internet is providing. Digital cable television, telecommunications and Home Automation. These are some of the top services Cox communications provide to its customers. Cox cable internet is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States. That serves more than 6.2 million customers all over the country. This number also includes 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and almost 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers. All of these figures make Cox internet the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the United States.

So when it comes to choosing the best internet packages for your home or for your personal use. It is best to go with a reliable company such as Cox communications. Below is the list of services that you enjoy by switching to Cox internet.

High Speed Internet!

When you switch to Cox internet, you can rest assured that the internet speeds that you will be getting will be higher than you can imagine. With cox internet and cox cable internet, you can get internet speeds up to 1GB per second. Where other companies are only beta testing such things. Cox internet is offering such services fully functional and tested to its users for their daily use.

If you are not sure about which Cox internet packages suit your needs the best. Then you should look up the speed adviser tool. This tool will ask you questions about your daily internet usage. And determine which package will be the best for you depending on your internet usage and cost of the package. If that does not help, you can always go ahead and make custom internet packages from the cox internet packages.

Cox Cable Internet

Cox offers one of the nation’s best cable internet services. With many value added services included in cox internet packages. With cox cable internet packages, you can enjoy packages with speeds up to one gigabit. Cox cable internet covers all of your entertainment needs so you can get everything in one big package. Cox contour TV offers 250+ unique channels that are sure to keep you busy. But if you are looking for the most popular channels then we have got those for you as well.

Cox cable internet also gives you access to Cox voice premiere, which gives you access to use 14 digital features of the Cox voice and allowing you to stay connected with your loved ones near and far without having to worry about the cost of calls you make.

Panoramic Wi-Fi

Panoramic wife is something that every home needs these days and no provides better panoramic wife than Cox internet. If you are wondering what is panoramic wife, so the simple explanation for this would be that panoramic wife is a wife that allows wife signals to reach each and every corner of your house, ensuring that you get strong wife signals everywhere in your house. So this means, there will be no wife dead zones within your home.

The panoramic wife modem is designed to bring the full power of wife to every corner of your home so you can sit leisurely in any place at your home and enjoy high speed internet without having to change places. No matter how many devices are using internet at your home and no matter which corner of the home they are using it from, we ensure that the panoramic wife will allow each and every user, with any number of devices to be able to best internet speeds within their comfort zones. On top of all this, you get worry free professional installation of panoramic wife to ensure the promise of best wife signals in every nook and cranny of your home.

500,000+ Wi-Fi Hotspots Nationwide!

Now you can stay connected away from home anywhere within the United States with free and unlimited access to over 500,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots nationwide. You will be using the best and the largest Wi-Fi hotspots network in the nation when you switch to cox internet packages. So it is easy for you to stay connected wherever you go and whenever you go there, with thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. So you can surf, stream, and post without having to worry about burning through your cox internet packages.

You can easily find hotspots in cities like New York City, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco by using the Cox wife hotspot map, you can easily find and connect your smartphone in the blink of an eye. You will only have to log in once with and it will remember you connect you whenever you are in the same hotspot area.

Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee

With Cox cable internet and any Cox internet packages you also get a value added service that is, Cox security suite plus that is powered by McAfee. It is a free security software package that is available to all users of Cox high speed internet customers. The security suite plus protects and manages up to five devices that you own. These five devices can be of any combination of Windows, Mac OS, iOS, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.

However, before you get started on using the Cox security suite, it is recommended that you uninstall any existing security software from any device you wish to install the Security Suite in.