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Earthlink Internet Service Features
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  • Truly unlimited broadband usage.
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  • Internet $24.95
  • 15 MB Internet Speed
  • 1 Year Contract
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The Major Advantages Of Earthlink Cable Internet

If you are looking for an internet service that does not rely on bundle offers to give you the internet speeds you need. Then Earthlink internet is the best option for you. Earthlink is just internet and nothing else. There are no other strings attached to the internet connection if you are choosing Earthlink cable internet. Or any of the Earthlink internet packages. All of Earthlink internet packages are highly reliable and affordable. Additional benefits of using Earthlink internet is high speed internet that is reliable, safe. With the option to keep your online activity safe and secure at all times. Not to mention, there are no data caps when you are using Earthlink internet packages. You can go ahead and surf, stream, and listen to songs all day, every day. For as long as you have Earthlink internet, without having to worry about any addition costs.

There is other value added services that Earthlink internet offers. But they are more of ad-ons since Earthlink does not force you to subscribe to any of them. They do come with their own prices. There are three main Earthlink internet packages that you can choose from. They all differ in speeds and prices. But you will always have the option to change that and switch to a plan that suits your needs better.

DSL Internet

Earthlink DSL internet is the cheapest of the all three internet packages that Earthlink offers to its customers. With cheap prices comes slower speeds as well. But Earthlink DSL internet speeds are not that slow that it won’t let you a single page. The DSL internet from Earthlink offers 15 Mbps speed. Which is great for 2-4 users. You can set up your Earthlink DSL internet without having a home phone. This is one of the reasons Earthlink cable internet is the best for users who want to avoid extra costs. Such as having a landline phone in order to install a DSL.

Satellite Internet

With Earthlink satellite internet, you do not need any cables, any phones or any other things that can keep you grounded. Earthlink satellite internet allows you the freedom to enjoy high speed internet anywhere in the country. With speeds up to 25 Mbps, you are sure to not miss anything online. From any remote area of the country. The other benefit of switching to Earthlink satellite internet is that you will not any face any down time due to cable repairs etc. Having the Earthlink satellite internet can be the best option for you. If you want to avoid any down time, whilst enjoying the best internet speeds.

Hyperlink Internet

Hyperlink is the fastest of the three packages offered by Earthlink. With Hyperlink package, you can enjoy internet speeds up to 75 Mbps. Although the price of this package is higher than the previously mentioned packages. But this package is specifically designed to power users who like to stay connected at all times. With this connection you can stream HD videos on multiple devices at once. Without losing any video quality or download high volume files almost instantly. The blazing fast speeds brought to you by the best fiber-optic cables is as best it can get.

As mentioned earlier, high speed reliable internet is not the only thing Earthlink is offering to its internet users. With Earthlink cable internet or with any Earthlink internet connection, you can also choose some highly value added services as well.

NortonTM Security Online

You can choose to keep your online activities secure with the help of Norton security online ad on offered by Earthlink cable internet. Subscription to Norton security online with Earthlink will allow you a license to keep any of your five devices secured. Through and through with the best Norton security online. Having online security is a must whether you think you need it or not because everyone needs online security these days. The online world is not safe anymore and even top companies use data encryptions on all sorts of their online activities. To ensure even their emails are safe. So with Norton security online provided by Earthlink cable internet, you can rest assured that all of your online activities remain private and any emails or transaction you make will remain safe as well.

You can use the Norton security online for five devices that you own, which include, laptops, phones and tablets, running on any operating system. Using Norton security online on your mobile devices offers a great feature to alert you about suspicious apps before you down them. Norton also helps to defend your device and data against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware among other online threats.

Earthlink Online Backup

Our computers, phones, and laptop contain a lot of data these days and there is always the risk of losing your important data and / or having it stolen. When you subscribe to any of Earthlink internet packages, you can also choose the ad-on Earthlink online backup. This is exactly what it sounds like. Earthlink internet online backup automatically backs up all of your files to help you ensure you do not lose any data. You can easily restore any data that is backed up and / or share it easily with whoever you want. Earthlink internet online backup option works with more than one device to allow you to automatically backup and sync data from multiple devices on to your personal cloud storage.

You can easily view files that are stored online and edit them accordingly. Most importantly, all of your online data is secure and encrypted and only you and those you allow, can view and / or edit the data you have stored online. The best thing is that there is a 30-day free trial for Earthlink online backup, but this free trial is only available with certain Earthlink internet packages. Just like the Earthlink internet packages, the Earthlink online backup options offer different data options ranging from 50 GB to 500 GB. The Earthlink online backup feature offers a monthly subscription starting from $5.95 per month for its smallest online backup package.