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Optimum Advantages In Cable Packages And Plans

Optimum internet is one of the nation’s fastest internet service provider. Offering internet speeds ranging from 200 Mb per second to blazing fast internet speeds of 400 Mb per second. Optimum is the only internet connection you need whether you are at home or are traveling outside. Internet by Optimum has you covered anywhere in the country with unlimited data and more than a million WiFi hotspots. Internet deals by Optimum offer a wide range of offers to its customers. To ensure that all unique requirements of its customers are met. Without putting any burden on the customer’s wallet. The user friendly packages also ensure that you have 24/7 access to free tech support. Within the country and if need be, a technical visit can be scheduled within one business day. To make sure that you stay connected to the internet at all times. The Optimum internet tech support also helps you fix your home’s connection problems as well. Whether they are software related or hardware. From checking emails, to streaming your favorite TV shows. Optimum internet offers its award winning internet speeds to its customers that are not only secure. But reliable as well, with unlimited data.

Cutting Edge Home WiFi Experience

All Optimum internet packages include cutting edge home wifi experience that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted Wifi at home with no cold spots. Wifi by Optimum delivers 40% better WiFi experience anywhere in your home to ensure you stay connected to the internet regardless of which corner of the home you are using it from.

Optimum 200

Optimum 200 is the smallest of Optimum internet packages that offers internet speeds up to 200 MB per second. This connection is best suited for small homes and / or for multi device HD streaming plus multi-player gaming as well. This is the cheapest of all three Optimum internet packages.

Optimum 300

Optimum 300 offers speeds up to 300 MBs per second. These speeds allow you to stream 4K UHD videos on multiple devices and that too while all of the devices at your home are connected and currently running in the background. Optimum 300 of the Optimum internet deals is for the users who enjoy watching UHD videos and do hard core downloading. While streaming videos and playing games on the side.

Optimum 400

If you consider your household a black hole that sucks all the internet speeds and no matter which internet connection you get, you are always looking for more speed then Optimum internet deals has the best option for you; the Optimum 400. Optimum 400 offers you speeds up to 400 MB’s per second that can easily take the heaviest network usage activities. With this Optimum internet package, you will always enjoy the best speeds on any number of devices. Without having to worry about data caps.

Stay Connect with over 2 Million WiFi Hotspots

Optimum internet packages allow you to use over 2 million Wifi hotspots all over the country, which include, but not limited to restaurants, parks, train station, and so on. Regardless of where you are in the country, you can easily find the nearest Wifi hotspot by Optimum internet to help you stay connected to the internet on the fastest internet connection.