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Spectrum (Timewarner) Internet Packages

Getting internet connection for your new home is always a problem; especially these days when there are so many options available. But that is not you should be looking for. Your new house has to have better of everything that you had. Or wanted to have at some point in your life. That is why, instead of going for just an internet connection. You should also consider cable for your TV and a phone for your home. This will make your life a lot easier and help you save a lot of money in the long-term. As well because getting each service from a different provider will always be expensive. On the other hand, getting a cheap bundle of reliable products is very rare as well. But that’s not the case if you go for Time Warner internet cable.

Time Warner is a very reliable company and one of the oldest ones. As well with millions of customers all over the country who have been using Time Warner’s services for years now. This should give you enough reason to make the decision of going for Time Warner internet and cable for your home. Their services include the best TV, internet and voice along with many other benefits.

Triple Play Select

Triple play select is the smallest bundle of the three bundles offered by Time Warner cable and internet. This package includes 125+ channels which include, but are not limited to ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV and many more. Now that your TV is set, let’s look over at Time Warner internet, which offers speeds up to 100 MBs per second, which is more than enough for a family of 3-5 or at least five connected devices. Last but not the least; you will also be getting a landline phone with this package which includes unlimited, crystal clear voice calling.

Triple Play Silver

Triple play silver by Time Warner is an upgraded version of Select, but the quality and quantity of channels is very different as compared to Select. With the Triple Play Silver package from Time Warner cable will offer you 175+ channels that include, but not limited to All Select Channels, plus HBO, Showtime, NFL network and much more. Paired with the fastest internet, your household needs for internet and cable will be fulfilled all thanks to Time Warner internet cable. This package also includes the same features of landline that is included in the triple play Select package.

Triple Play Gold

Triple Play Gold will bring your home internet and cable TV experience to whole new level. The Gold Package offers 200+ channels which include all the channels for Triple Play Select and Silver, plus more premium channels such as STARZ, TMC, STARZ Encore, NFL RedZone and much more. Time Warner internet speeds for Gold package are by far the greatest among all three bundles which allows multiple users and multiple devices to simultaneously stream HD videos, listen to music, upload or download without any issues. This package also offers the same voice package of Time Warner landline phone with unlimited calling. So make sure to order your Time Warner internet cable today and say goodbye to home entertainment and internet worries.