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The Best Internet Cable And Phone You Can Get

You can find internet service providers by the dozen these days. But almost all of them have their own drawbacks regardless of how attractive their internet packages look like. Even if you do manage to find an internet package that offers phone and TV options as well. Such package will cost you a fortune that you are not willing to spend on such necessities. However, there are options such as TDS internet packages. That combine high speed with reliability and affordability to ensure its users enjoy the best of both worlds. Without burning a hole through their pockets.

TDS internet offers a range of services to its users. To ensure each unique requirement of its customers is met. Whether they go for just an internet package or a whole bundle offer that includes TDS cable and phone and internet as well. It is a leading high speed internet provider that offers the fast speeds that are required in this age. With reliability that you deserve. Internet packages by TDS include cable internet and phone packages along with 24/7 support with a 30-day money back guarantee for all of its services.

Extreme 50 Fiber Internet

Extreme 50 is the smallest of all TDS internet packages and as the name suggests it offers speeds of 50 MB per second. TDS fiber internet ensure that you get the speed that is listed and with a dedicated fiber line you are sure to enjoy the top speeds at all times. This type of internet connection is best suited for small homes where the internet usage is not that much. This connection is best suited for at least three users with connected devices. It allows them to seamlessly stream music and videos, online gaming, uploading and downloading photos, video chatting and more.

Extreme 100 Fiber Internet

TDS offers Extreme 100 internet package to users who want to do more on the internet and for that purpose, the Extreme 100 fiber internet from TDS internet is the best option for you. This speed allows multiple users to do more on the internet simultaneously, without facing any sorts of delay. This expanded bandwidth ensures that your uploads and downloads are almost instant. TDS internet packages such as this one is best suited for more than four people who are connected to the internet. From uploading and downloading, to streaming high quality videos simultaneously, you are sure to enjoy your online activities without facing any quality or reliability issues with the TDS fiber internet connection.

Extreme 300 Fiber Internet

If you are looking to reduce your upload and download speeds exponentially. Without going over budget on the cost of your internet connection. Then the Extreme 300 internet package from TDS is the best option for you. TDS internet packages such as this can easily fulfill the online needs for more than four people who are connected simultaneously. So you can go about your day without having to worry about anyone else streaming, gaming, and / or downloading or uploading. While you are on the internet because you will not feel any difference in the connection speed.

Extreme 600 Fiber Internet

Of all the TDS internet packages, Extreme 600 is one of the packages that is for the internet users who are a little bit on the extreme side when it comes to internet usage. With speeds of 600 MB per second, you can complete your downloads in not hours or minutes, but in seconds. Same for uploads, streaming and playing games because with Extreme 600 fiber from TDS internet. You will not lose any sleep while waiting for anything to finish downloading or uploading. This connection is best for more than ten users and multiple devices. To simultaneously stream videos and music, or gaming, or downloading.

1 Gig Fiber Internet

If you are looking for the fastest possible internet package that can make your uploads and downloads possible in the blink of an eye. Then the 1 Gig fiber internet from TDS is the internet package you should go for. In today’s day and age, 1 GB per second speed is something only top internet service providers are offering. That too for a very steep price. That is not the case with any of the TDS internet packages. Because all internet packages are well balanced and offer value for the money. Keeping that in mind, when it comes to the 1 Gig fiber connection from TDS internet.

You will be getting the fastest internet speeds at the lowest possible rates. TDS internet is as reliable as it gets. So when we say 1 Gig speed, then 1 Gig is what you will get. During any of your online activities. This connection is best suited for unlimited number of users who are simultaneously connected to the TDS internet.

One important thing to keep in mind about TDS internet packages is that you should first verify your location before going for any of the internet packages. This is because the internet packages and speeds offered by TDS varies depending on where you live. There are good connection areas and there are bad connection areas. If you are not in the typical area where TDS offers its best services, then in most cases, you will not enjoy the speeds mentioned here because of the network capabilities in your area.

TDS Cable and Phone

Internet is not the only highlighted service offered by TDS. TDS cable and phone are something that you should consider as well. Since every home these days have both cable and cloud DVRs. It is best to go for a service provider such as TDS to ensure you get great discounts by getting all services from one provider. TDS cable and phone offer great packages. That can be added with your internet packages to enhance your internet and entertainment experience with TDS in your home.

TDS services are available all over the country, but there are still some areas where TDS services are not optimal or are not available at the moment. So make sure to check if the TDS cable and phone services are available in your area before you order anything.