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The Internet Deals And Plans From Verizon

Reliable internet is something which every internet service provider promises to provide. But almost every internet provider whether they are offering cable internet, DSL, fiber, or satellite internet. There are always issues with speed and reliability. That is not the case with all ISP’s. Because there are some such as Verizon internet that not only offer the fastest internet. But also the most reliable one as well. Verizon has been setting standards for internet services for a very long time now. Its reliability awards speak for itself. Hearing all that will make anyone wonder if the price of such services is affordable or not. Because when it comes to Verizon internet cable prices. You can rest assured that the price you will get from Verizon will be the most affordable choice for you. Especially considering the speed and reliability offered by Verizon.

Verizon internet cable offers its customers access to blazing fast internet speeds. Paired with superior performance and reliability. Verizon’s fiber is based on Fios. Which is a 100% fiber optic network that brings you internet as it was promised by Verizon.

100% Fiber-Optic Network!

Verizon’s Fios is 100% fiber optic network that transmits internet and TV by fiber optic light bursts to your home. Regardless of the distance, these light bursts travel faster than you can imagine, to bring you your Verizon internet with more speed and less signal interference. Allowing you to enjoy fastest internet speeds without any signal interference or loss of data packets.


The reliability of Verizon internet can be determined by the many awards it has gotten over the years, just for reliability alone. Verizon has received many awards but the most notable ones are from its customers. Fios customers have given Verizon internet 100% fiber optic network awards in customer satisfaction and internet speeds. The number of awards is more than any other provider over the past 10 years. That just goes to show the reliability and customer satisfaction with Verizon cable internet.

Powerful Connectivity

Even when you are not using your smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart home device, they are still connected to the internet and are actively using your valuable bandwidth. The average household these days has about 10 connected devices and that number is on the rise every day. Without powerful connectivity and a fast internet connection, all devices in your house can struggle to get enough bandwidth to work efficiently, actively and passively. Verizon internet power connectivity and high bandwidth allows all of your devices to enjoy as much bandwidth as they require in order to perform optimally and when it’s time for you to use internet in any manner, you will not feel any speed or reliability issues.  

100 Mbps

Verizon internet offers 100 Mbps package that is best suited for small household. This connection can easily handle at least five connected devices that are actively or passively being used. Verizon internet cable is on Fios fiber optic network which is the best in the business, offering the most reliable internet with the highest speeds. Verizon 100 Mbps internet connection comes with a one-year price guarantee.

300 Mbps

Where the 100 Mbps connection is best suited for small household, the 300 Mbps is more suited for users that like to continuously stream high quality videos or downloading. This connection is also on Fios fiber optic network of Verizon internet, so if the connection says 300 Mbps, then that is the speed that you will enjoy at your home. With the subscription of this package, you will also get Netflix 6-month premium plan for free. Most importantly, you will get a 2-year price guarantee with this Verizon internet connection.

Up to 940/880 Mbps – Fios Gigabit Connection

The Fios gigabit connection by Verizon internet cable is for the users who like the best of everything. With this connection you can stream UHD, download / upload, and do much more on multiple devices simultaneously without facing any sort of interruption or loss in video quality. With this connection, you will also receive a one year premium plan for Netflix for free and on top of that, you will also get a 3 year price guarantee as well. If you are already stuck in a contract with another internet provider and want to switch to Verizon internet, but can’t do it because of early termination fee, then do not worry about it. With this package, you can also get a credit of $500 to cover your early termination fee.

High Speed Internet (DSL) service

If you are not currently living in an area that is covered by the Verizon internet Fios fiber optic network. Then you can choose the DSL service offered by Verizon to enjoy the same reliability that users on Fios fiber optic network enjoy. This connection is also best suited for users who prefer a modem. So they can use phone and internet at the same time. Or are located in close vicinity of their Verizon internet provider’s central office. Verizon internet cable DSL gives you all the speed that you need. Without you having to worry about sharing that speed with your neighbors.

Proven Performance

Performance issues arise from sharing your internet with hundreds of your neighbors. That is not the case with Verizon internet cable because both Verizon Fios and DSL services do not worry how typical internet service providers work. Because of this, you get the speeds that you were promised without facing any performance issues.

Affordably Priced Internet Options

You can take advantage of Verizon cable internet save and take special discounts when you subscribe to any Verizon internet plan or bundle, which includes TV and phone services as well. So you can enjoy the internet speeds that matches the pace of your life. The added benefits of choosing any Verizon internet plan and / or a bundle are also a money saver for its users. Making the price of each internet plan or bundle more affordable for the users.

Peace of Mind

Verizon cable internet also help protect your internet with comprehensive security solutions to keep your online activities private. There’s also support for troubleshooting, parental controls, set up wireless network, operating system issues, and much more.