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Internet has become a basic necessity of any household these days. Whether you are living alone or with your family. It is important that you have a cable internet connection at your home. This is because the data on your mobile device can run out any time. Not to mention how expensive it is. You also need to update your mobile OS from time to time and update your applications on almost daily basis. Doing so much on just mobile data will cost you a fortune. That is why the smart choice is to go for a cable internet for your home so whenever you get back home, you can update everything on your mobile devices and enjoy a relaxing time on your laptop or smart TV by streaming something. When it comes to cable internet, you can always count on Windstream internet cable. Even though Windstream internet cable is only available in 16 states so far. But it is by far the best and the most reliable internet connection out there today. Not to mention how affordable it is.

Depending on the number of users, you can choose the perfect Windstream internet connection for your home. Make sure to check out the Windstream internet deals that can be easily found to get a valuable discount. Number of users in any household should be considered when selecting an internet connection for your home. Almost everyone these days have at least two devices that will need an active internet connection to stay connected to the internet. Even if you are not actively using those devices, they will still be using the internet. Make sure you consider this when you are looking for the perfect Windstream cable internet connection for your home.

Premium Speeds

Windstream premium speeds internet plans offers its residential and nonresidential users speeds of 100 Mbps. Windstream is always committed to advancing their systems and progressing their technology in order to enhance the customer experience. With the Premium speeds package by Windstream cable internet, you can enjoy the things you love, with a faster speed and no loading time.

This connection allows multiple users and more than eight devices. To simultaneously use the internet for browsing, streaming music, streaming HD videos and much more. With Windstream internet cable, you can rest assured that you will always be connected to the internet at your home. Getting the highest speeds and enjoying the things you love. One of the biggest plus points of having the premium speed connection from Windstream internet is that. You will not have to worry about data caps anymore. All of Windstream internet packages come with unlimited data. So you can go ahead and binge watch anything or download anything. Without having to worry about your data running out.

Kinetic GIG

Windstream is focused on bringing the best technological innovations and highest levels of service to its customers. With this in mind, Windstream has switched to a fiber based network. Which allows it to offer its customers the best internet package out there, which is Kinetic GIG. Kinetic GIG is the new definition of speed because this package offers you speeds of 1 Gigabit per second (1000 Mbps). If you have been using your average American DSL or any other internet connection by any internet service provider, then you will really feel the difference on Kinetic GIG. With lightning fast download speeds, you can stream videos and TV shows, download huge files, in a matter of seconds.

Kinetic GIG is the next generation of internet speeds and while other ISPs are still beta testing the one gigabit speed. Windstream internet is one of the first internet service providers to offer such speeds. The reason behind such speeds is the fiber based network that is much faster than the copper cables. That is traditionally used to bring internet to your home. This brings the blazing fast internet to your home. You will actually get the speed that is mentioned unlike traditional DSL. You will need see any variations in speed, whether you are uploading or downloading.

What’s more is that, you get the best customer care in the industry. Windstream internet deals offers a 30 day money back guarantee to any customer who is unsatisfied with their Windstream internet package. An important thing to keep in mind for anyone who is interested in getting Windstream internet is that Windstream internet services is available in 16 states so far. So make sure to check the Windstream internet availability in your area first before subscribing.

All Your Entertainment Needs Fulfilled!

Windstream understands today’s needs for entertainment and this is why it offers its customers TV options as well. With the Windstream cable, you can get more than 185 channels with thousands of on demand titles, movies and live sports at your home. The number of channels offered by Windstream cable TV is more than enough for any house and the option for order any movie or TV show title is just a cherry on top to make sure you can watch anything you want, whenever you want it, on the best internet connection. Windstream internet makes it possible for you to enjoy the best TV at home or stream anything without any buffering.

You can still enjoy or catch up on your favorite TV show or movies on the go with the DIRECTV subscription from Windstream cable internet.

Bundle Home Phone and Internet

You can always save more money and while enjoying the best internet services by bundling up your Windstream internet packages with the Windstream phone. With the Windstream phone, you will get unlimited calling nationwide long distance calling at a fixed rate. The phone package from Windstream also includes essential features such as caller ID, call waiting, and more, without any further costs to make your phone even more less expensive.

You can also check the Windstream Community page for relevant topics and tips to improve your home Windstream internet or ask for help from any of the Windstream support members on the community page or directly.